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Sail away on an enchanting 3-night journey along the Murray River, setting sail from the picturesque Riverglen Marina in White Sands. Your adventure unfolds with a downstream cruise, where you’ll immerse yourself in serene landscapes and uncover hidden gems.

A typical 3-night trip provides the opportunity to journey from Riverglen to Murray Bridge and then to Welly Hotel and back, covering an estimated round-trip distance of approx. 80 km.

On Day 1, you’ll reach the historic Murray Bridge, diving into its rich cultural heritage, exploring the town, and enjoying water activities.

Day 2 brings you to the riverside charm of the “Welly” Hotel in Wellington. Explore the surroundings, savor riverside dining, and relax with the comforts of Wow Factor’s onboard amenities.

Day 3 unfolds in Tailem Bend, where you’ll continue downstream exploration before retracing your steps upstream, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of the river’s breathtaking scenery.

As you return to Riverglen Marina, Wow Factor becomes more than a vessel; it becomes the canvas for your cherished Murray River memories.