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Sail away on an enriching exploration of the Murray River with our 4-night itinerary aboard Wow Factor, where luxury intertwines with adventure. A typical 4-night trip provides the opportunity to journey from Riverglen to Mannum and back, covering an estimated round-trip distance of approx. 100km.

On the first night, anchor in the historic Murray Bridge, where the river’s charm is complemented by the town’s rich heritage. The second night welcomes you to Wall Flat, a serene location offering a perfect blend of relaxation and scenic beauty. Enjoy a delightful lunch in Mannum, a charming river town, adding a culinary highlight to your journey.

Continue your exploration to the picturesque Woodlane Reserve or Avoca Dell, where the tranquility of nature enhances your riverside experience on the third night. On the fourth night, anchor at Long Island Reserve or Thiele Reserve, savoring the final moments of your enchanting Murray River sojourn.

Throughout this 4-night adventure, Wow Factor ensures you have ample time to absorb breathtaking scenery, engage in water sports, and explore the rich cultural heritage along the way. Create lasting memories as you embrace the rhythm of the river and relish the unmatched comforts offered onboard, culminating in a journey that seamlessly blends luxury with the wonders of the Murray River. Conclude your exploration as you gracefully return to the welcoming confines of Riverglen Marina.