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Sail away on an extraordinary 7-night exploration of the enchanting Murray River, commencing from the scenic Riverglen Marina in White Sands and heading upstream towards the captivating destination of Swan Reach. A typical 7-night one-way trip provides the opportunity to journey from Riverglen to Swan Reach, covering an estimated round-trip distance of approx. 144km.

This captivating journey unfolds as you cruise through notable destinations such as Murray Bridge, Wall Flat, with a delightful lunch stop in Mannum, and an overnight stay in the tranquil surroundings of Lake Carlet.

As you gracefully navigate the river’s meandering course, each stop unveils a distinctive charm. From the historic allure of Murray Bridge to the serene beauty of Mypolonga, and the vibrant atmosphere of Mannum during lunch, each destination adds depth to the narrative of your week-long adventure.

Upon reaching Lake Carlet, you have the choice of staying overnight at either Maidment Lagoon or Caurnamont, both offering unique perspectives of the river. Continue your exploration with visits to Wongulla, Big Bend, and finally, Swan Reach, where the enchanting views of the river come together to create a picturesque setting.

Each leg of this extended itinerary allows for a leisurely pace, granting ample time to absorb the breathtaking scenery, enjoy water sports, and discover the hidden gems along the Murray River. Your journey concludes in the idyllic destination of Swan Reach, marking the end of a truly memorable 7-night experience filled with adventure, relaxation, and the unparalleled beauty of the Murray River.