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Sail away on a captivating 7-night expedition along the enchanting Murray River, setting sail from the picturesque Riverglen Marina in White Sands. This captivating itinerary unfolds as you navigate downstream, creating a seamless tapestry of landscapes, history, and cultural richness. A typical 7-night trip provides the opportunity to journey from Riverglen to Walker Flat and back, covering an estimated round-trip distance of approx. 215km.

Your adventure begins with the first night spent in the historic charm of Murray Bridge, followed by a delightful lunch in the serene surroundings of Avoca Dell. The second night awaits in the scenic Wall Flat, offering an ideal setting for relaxation. On the third day, find serenity at Lake Carlet, complemented by a midday pause in the picturesque Caurnamont.

Continue your exploration to the fourth night at Walker Flat, where the river’s enchanting views provide a perfect backdrop. A scenic lunch break awaits in the peaceful Maidment Lagoon on the fifth day, followed by a night at Lake Carlet. As the journey progresses, spend the sixth night in the welcoming embrace of Woodlane Reserve, with a leisurely lunch in the historic town of Mannum.

The seventh night unfolds at the idyllic Long Island Reserve, creating a perfect setting for your farewell night. Your week-long adventure promises cherished memories as you sail from Riverglen Marina to Walker Flat and back, covering diverse destinations that showcase the region’s natural beauty and cultural richness.