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Company Profile


The Wow Story

Wow Houseboats is a family-run houseboat holiday business owned by Todd and Kate, both having a passion for all things “River Murray.” Todd is a self-confessed river rat and has spent much of his life holidaying on the river. Houseboats are in Todd’s blood. His parents built 4 houseboats known as the Graceline and moored them at the same location back in the mid-’80s. Kate, a more recent convert, has fallen in love with the beauty, adventure, and serenity river life brings.

The concept behind the “WOW” in Wow Houseboats began with the owners’ ambition to extend the “Wow Factor” experience to all aspects of the houseboat holiday. They hope that like them, you will agree that a houseboat holiday is the best break you can take in South Australia!

“Wow Factor” is a sought-after boat in Renmark. Todd and Kate drove her downstream to be closer to the nearby Adelaide Hills where they live and have rebranded and renovated her under the new name. Experience “WOW” with Wow Houseboat Holidays. We invite you to indulge and upgrade your houseboat experience with Wow Houseboats. Plan your Wow Holiday with us today!


Wow Houseboats will be growing our fleet through acquisition, building, or inviting other boats to join us. If you are interested to join, contact us for more information. We also encourage you to join our houseboat hire South Australia mailing list to stay in the loop.