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Enjoy the warmth even on a winter houseboat holiday with our infra heaters

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People don’t take trips, trips take people. – John Steinbeck

Wow Houseboats provides you with added luxury while on your houseboat vacation! We’re proud to showcase this new addition – infrared heaters – to bring you comfort and warmth all year round, even on winter houseboat holidays.

  • 80% reduction to light output compared to traditional infrared lamps. Amber halogen for the ambience of an open fire or darkened safety glass for the lowest glare.
  • Patented parabolic reflector maximises heated area – watt for watt, the widest and longest heating footprint available.
  • InFraCaLoR® halogen lamps have up to 7000 hours of life, lowering maintenance costs.
  • Rated for outdoor use and can operate safely in the wet.
  • Instant heat – full heat in less than 1 second.
  • Can be used with timers and proximity sensors to provide zone heating as energy-efficient as possible.
  • Instant comfort + no heat-up time = energy savings.
  • A warm amber glow or darkened safety glass reduces glare and improves ambience.
  • 4 models to suit location and style requirements.
  • Patented parabolic reflectors offer area comfort coverage from 10m² up to 20m².
  • Variety of mounting options – wall, ceiling, stands, under canopies and umbrellas.
  • Water-resistant IPx5 allows for exposed outdoor installation.
  • Can be controlled by an individual switch, proximity sensor, or button timer, or can be zoned with a controller.
  • Light and durable aluminium structure, reflector, and long life lamp make for easy installation and low maintenance.
  • Amber models are available powder-coated in Carrara White and Cast Iron Grey. Darkened safety glass model in Optic Black.
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy to conform to International and Australian Standards (CE Mark and AS/NZ RCM).

Short wave infrared halogen radiance is the most effective means of delivering immediate heat and comfort.

In excess of 92% of the energy used is transformed into heat, at least 30% more than other medium wave quartz infrared heaters and 60%
more than longwave (far) infrared resistance heaters. This is because short wave infrared directly heats people and objects.

Just like the sun coming out from behind a cloud on a cold day, you feel instantly warm – the heat stays put and does not rise to the ceiling or escape through windows and doors. Heliosa® offers Italian styling ideal for heating large outdoor or alfresco spaces providing significant energy cost savings while keeping people warm, even in the hardest to heat environments.

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There are a lot of reasons why Wow Factor is your best Murray Houseboat choice for having that ‘wow’ houseboat holiday experience. But we can list the key highlights of what’s in store for you:

  • This double-storey 12 berth houseboat is one of the few Murray houseboats with a rear-facing kitchen and dining plus driving upstairs or downstairs. With five separate living and entertainment spaces, plus five washrooms, there is room for everyone to experience a WOW Factor houseboat holiday.
  • The Rear Kitchen – this is what makes WOW Factor unique. We challenge you to find another 2-story rear-facing houseboat with rear kitchen and dining decor self-drive. A truly guaranteed wow-factor experience!
  • Yes, Wow Factor is dog-friendly with conditions as we care about your dog almost as much as you do! Rosso, our Cavalier King Charles even has his own life jacket for extended times in the river or when he comes on an inflatable SUP for an early morning paddle.
  • Wow Factor is child-friendly! Vacationing with children can be a daunting task – packing lists, grumpy children and the horrors of “I’m bored”. Let Wow Houseboats help you plan and achieve that wow factor holiday of your dreams with ease.
  • We’re the only houseboat offering the ultimate one-way wow-factor 7-day journey. For more information, please refer to the Brochures link below or email us back stating your interest with regards to this booking.
  • Experience celebrating any wow-factor moment with Wow Houseboats and score some exclusive deals perfect for your celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, Christmas/New Year’s Eve; name it, we have it – Wow Factor complements any celebration with colourful LED lights that can be easily programmed with a touch of remote control or app – no other houseboat has lights like this!

What are you waiting for? Experience “WOW” with Wow Houseboats today. Plan your Wow Holiday with us.

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