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Exciting News From

Gary Williams at Rotor-Sport Australia

Exciting news from Gary Williams, Chief Pilot at Rotor-Sport Australia


“We operate in the world of teaching people to fly.” – Gary Williams, Chief Pilot at Rotor-Sport Australia

Exciting news! Gary Williams, Chief Pilot at Rotor-Sport Australia, and Todd Dolling, co-owner of Wow Houseboats, join forces to deliver a one-of-a-kind, wow-factor experience to all holidayers out there! 

With Todd’s ambition to deliver only the best and wow-factor experience to our guests, he reached out to Gary and offered a week-long houseboat holiday to experience himself what Wow Factor can bring in and how unique the boat is compared to any houseboats on the Murray River.

“It certainly took everybody’s breath away,” as described by Gary’s wife, Lorelie. This only certifies the grounds for building the partnership with Rotor-Sport Australia and Wow Houseboats. Watch the video testimony here for further details. 

Gary, as passionate and enthusiastic as Todd, opened his doors to expedite this partnership, thus allowing a package tour that will truly make our guests experience the art of flying + a relaxing houseboating = wow-factor experience that’s unforgettable all seasons.

Watch this video below from Gary Williams as he discusses what’s on offer and how we can make your houseboat holiday a whole new different level:


Ever wondered what it would be like to explore Australia from the skies? Whether you desire to become a Gyroplane or a fixed-wing pilot, Rotor-Sport will take you by the hand so that you can achieve your flying dream. For your initial experience, the flight instructor will take you through a pre-flight ground briefing and explain how the aircraft’s controls work. Once in the air, you will take the controls and fly by yourself under the guidance of your qualified instructor. 

With Rotor-Sport, you can learn to fly in world-class gyroplanes or undertake fixed-wing flight training in light-sport aircraft. Flight sessions are held in the Murray Riverland region of South Australia, just south of the town of Palmer (about 30 minutes from Birdwood). Our main operating strip is Rollos (YRLO) near the intersection of Pallamana Rd and Reedy Creek Rd.

Before getting on board, we suggest taking this wow-factor experience either on a Friday or Saturday at 11:00 AM. If you wish to book a flying lesson on a Friday, you can get on board at Wow Factor at 3:00 PM. If you wish to have this on a Saturday, you can moor the boat at Sturt Reserve and go to Rollo’s Airfield, a 14-minute drive from the reserve.

Gary Williams, Chief Pilot/Instructor and his team, in partnership with Wow Houseboats, are thrilled to make your dream of taking to the skies a reality. What are you waiting for? Fly with us today!


Wow Factor has an impressive array of features and amenities suited for any occasion or adventure that everyone can enjoy. There are a lot of reasons why Wow Factor is your best Murray Houseboat choice for having that ‘wow’ houseboat holiday experience.  But we can list the key highlights of what makes WOW FACTOR unique:

  • Wow Factor LED Lights / Signages
  • Fully-equipped rear-facing kitchen
  • Fresh flowers on arrival at the rear-facing dining
  • 360 degree-view of the river from the upstairs lounge
  • 8-person spa with SMART TV + patio heaters
  • 3 sofa beds + 4 master bedrooms, with breakfast in bed table
  • Grilling is easy as 1-2-3 with our latest hassle-free BBQ oven
  • Business / Study Hub on-the-go
  • 200+ movies that can be watched on 8 TVs, 7 built-in DVDs
  • Experience comfort fire all year round with our riverbank camping and outdoor cooking essentials
  • Cycling essentials – bicycle, bike trainer, and rowing machine
  • Dog-friendly houseboat
  • Outside loo with a view

What are you waiting for? Experience “WOW” with Wow Houseboats today. Plan your Wow Holiday with us.

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