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Wow Houseboat Experience

Planning for a holiday adventure soon? Why not spend the holidays on water? Yes! On water? How? Why not plan your trip on a houseboat? Whatever the occasion is (or none at all) and whoever you are with – your family, relatives, or friends (or dogs!), you will definitely experience wow in a houseboat holiday!


According to marineinsight.com, a houseboat is a unique transformation of a simple concept of a boat on the water. As their name illustrates, this boat functions as an alternate residential paradigm. (That sounds technical!) In short, as the name implies, it’s a house in a boat or a house on the water!


Experience adventure, freedom, and nature all at once when houseboating. (Sounds like fun, indeed?) You can travel and enjoy anytime, anywhere without any hassle. You only need to hire the best houseboat and off you go to drive the houseboat holiday of your dreams!


There is indeed a variety of options of which houseboat to choose from. But which is the best? A piece of advice, don’t only go for which is the ‘best’, go for the one who will give you a ‘wow’ experience. So how do you search for a houseboat that will give you this? Find out below:


Size matters! When hiring a houseboat, always check out the maximum capacity. This is important especially when you’re planning to bring your family and/or friends with you. If you’re a married couple and planning to set a honeymoon trip, it is advisable to go for a basic one, usually sleeping four to six guests or if you’re aiming for extravagance, you might consider a capacity of 15 or more. But this does not apply to a group on a trip. Going on vacation should not stress you out and have that ‘space’ and ‘freedom’ for each family member or friend is a must. 

Wow Factor is a 12 berth hire/drive houseboat with two levels of luxury. Wow Factor is perfect for everyone! Whether you’re a married couple, a family, or a group of friends, the Wow Factor delivers a ‘wow’ experience to provide you with all you need to achieve the houseboat holiday of your dreams! Check our gallery here.


Comfort is always a top priority for everyone, especially when you’re on a trip. And this is being complemented by the amenities such as a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom that are standard to all houseboats out there. But since you’re on a vacation, why not splurge on something a bit ‘luxurious’ but without hurting your pockets. 

Wow Factor includes 4 bedrooms where 8 to 12 people can have a relaxing sleep on the water plus 2 sofa beds, 3 bathrooms (2 ensuites) plus two additional toilets (one outside and one upstairs), a heated spa, and a rear-facing kitchen. The spacious fully enclosed and air-conditioned upstairs lounge features 360-degree views matched with television, Xbox, and stereo system flowing to the balcony deck. View all the features and amenities here.

But not only that! If you’re someone who cannot resist leaving your dog/s behind, you can actually bring them onboard with Wow Factor. Yes, Wow Factor is dog-friendly! For more information, please refer to our FAQs. For pet-friendly accommodations, learn more here


Where on earth should you be cruising other than the Mighty Murray River?! Cruising in this third longest navigable river in the world is a must-see, must-have houseboat holiday experience. Where else can you find history + nature + fun water activities + camping + stargazing all in one place? 

Discover and experience Mighty Murray with Wow Factor! We have a couple of Wow Experience Package Tours to choose from to build your houseboat holiday dream. We made sure to have different options for you and your family and friends – so if you’re into sports, we have the water sports amenities packed for you. If in case, you’re into a romantic evening or ‘scientific’ escapade with your kids, you will surely enjoy stargazing by the Big Bend at night.


(Drum rolling sound) And voila! Last but not least. The budget. It’s always been a predicament that the more extravagance your vacation has planned for, the higher the price will be. But that’s not all the case with us. 

The owners’ (Todd and Kate) ambition to extend the “Wow Factor” experience to all aspects of the holiday lies within why the Wow Houseboat was born. They hope that like them, you will agree that a houseboat holiday is the best break you can take in South Australia! With this, they came up with package options that will suit any houseboat holiday, offering the best price for a ‘wow’ factor experience. Contact us to learn more.


There are a lot of reasons why Wow Factor is your best Murray Houseboat choice for having that ‘wow’ houseboat holiday experience. But we can list the key highlights of what’s in store for you:

  • This double-storey 12 berth houseboat is one of the few Murray houseboats with a rear-facing kitchen and dining plus driving upstairs or downstairs. With five separate living and entertainment spaces, plus five washrooms, there is room for everyone to experience a WOW Factor houseboat holiday.
  • The Rear Kitchen – this is what makes WOW Factor unique. We challenge you to find another 2-story rear-facing houseboat with rear kitchen and dining decor self-drive. A truly guaranteed wow-factor experience!
  • Yes, Wow Factor is dog-friendly with conditions as we care about your dog almost as much as you do! Rosso, our Cavalier King Charles even has his own life jacket for extended times in the river or when he comes on an inflatable SUP for an early morning paddle.
  • Wow Factor is child-friendly! Vacationing with children can be a daunting task – packing lists, grumpy children and the horrors of “I’m bored”. Let Wow Houseboats help you plan and achieve that wow factor holiday of your dreams with ease.
  • We’re the only houseboat offering the ultimate one-way wow-factor 7-day journey. For more information, please refer to the Brochures link below or email us back stating your interest with regards to this booking.
  • Experience celebrating any wow-factor moment with Wow Houseboats and score some exclusive deals perfect for your celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, Christmas/New Year’s Eve; name it, we have it – Wow Factor complements any celebration with colourful LED lights that can be easily programmed with a touch of remote control or app – no other houseboat has lights like this!

What are you waiting for? Experience “WOW” with Wow Houseboats today. Plan your Wow Holiday with us.

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