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Willow Point Wines

Locally grown and bottled, Willow Point wines are one of the most affordable red and white wines in South Australia. Visitors to Murrayland can come and visit the friendly and relaxing cellar doors to sample a wide variety of table and liqueur wines.

Big Bend by Night

Big Bend by Night is a family-owned and operated tourist company headquartered in Swan Reach, South Australia. Their property is dwarfed by the Big Bend cliffs on the Murray River’s banks, and you can view Wombats, Kangaroos, Bats, Owls, and some ferals on their unique midnight excursions.

Four Knots Murray River Cruises

Four Knots Murray River Excursions is revolutionising chartered river cruising. They offer boutique nature-based boutique cruises for parties of 8-40 people around the Murray River. These aren’t the types of cruises where you’ll need to bring your belongings. It’s a fun experience for all ages!

Juggle House Experiences

Juggle House Experiences is a proud tour hosting service, telling stories about the best of regional South Australia. With a foot in the door at the latest happening places in South Australia, they help create memories that last a lifetime. Just ask and they make it happen.

Freedom Boat Hire

Freedom Boat Hire is a local company that makes ski boat, jet ski, small or kayak rental easier and more affordable for all clients. Everything has been considered to make your vacation stress-free and more enjoyable. All you need is a boat license and you’re ready to go!