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Safety Management Plan



Contact Details

Manager and Maintenance

Todd Dolling – +61 418 849 877
Matthew Jordan ( Jordy ) – +61 438 391 266


Police, Fire and Ambulance – Phone 000 for emergency assistance.
Poisons Information Centre – Phone 13 11 26
CPR instructions visit health direct

Safety Equipment

Please refer to the floor plan where all of the fire extinguishers, fire escapes and first aid kits are located. Please ensure that everyone on the boat is fully aware of these locations for their own safety. This will be demonstrated during your induction.

Life Jackets

Department of transport regulations specifies that a PFD Type 1 life jacket be provided for each person on the houseboat that is certified to carry. 

There are 12 adult life jackets in the front cupboard at the bow (front) of the boat port (left) side. For very young children and infants, it is the responsibility of the parents.  We strongly recommend that you bring your own life jackets that fit your child adequately, as we do not have multiple sizes kept on the boat. 

Children's Life Jackets

All children should wear a life jacket when they are in an open area of a vessel. During an incident, you may not have the opportunity to help children.

It should not be worn when a child is within a deck-house, cabin or secure enclosed space as it could stop them from making a safe exit.

A life jacket must be securely zipped and clipped at all times to be effective. If not appropriately fitted, a child may slip out of the life jacket when in the water, or maybe be forced into a dangerous face-down position when in the water.

Choosing a child’s life jacket

  • Do not compromise on quality.
  • It should be appropriate for your child’s weight, fit them securely and not move around in any way that may impair its performance.
  • A crotch strap fitting will prevent the jacket bunching up around the child’s neck and will prevent your child falling out of the bottom.
  • Choose a life jacket level 100 that complies with the requirements for all waters and will support your child in a face-up position if in the water in calm water conditions.
  • Remember that a life jacket level 50 or 50S may not roll your child into a face-up position in calm water conditions should they be unconscious.
  • Match the weight range of the jacket with the weight of your child.
  • Check that it complies with the appropriate standard for the type of life jacket being used.
  • No requirement to wear, but must be equipped with level 50S, 50, 100 or higher for all persons.
  • Please note, children less than 12 years of age, or weighing less than 40kg, must not wear an inflatable lifejacket.

Life Jacket Emergency Procedure

In the case of an emergency, these jackets must be located and put on. There are whistles attached to the life jackets which can be used to attract help. Located at the helm/bow (front) port side in the cupboards in front of the sofa bed. The lifejackets are safety equipment only and are not to be used for water sports or swimming.

Life Buoy/Ring

Located outside on the starboard (right) side of the boat above the gas bottles. A lifebuoy is a life-saving buoy designed to be thrown to a person in the water, to provide buoyancy and prevent drowning.

Fire Extinguishers

There are three fire extinguishers currently located on the boat.  The first is located at the front of the boat next to the captain steering wheel or as soon as you enter the boat at the front doors.  The next is located upstairs next to the top of the staircase door and the third is located outside on the lower deck near the lounge. A fourth will be added to the upstairs balcony once a BBQ and potential fire pit is added. Fire extinguishers are to be used only for emergencies. If used other than in emergency there will be a refill charge of $100 each.

Fire Blankets

There is one fire blanket located in the kitchen hanging on the wall near the fridges. This blanket can be used to throw over a fire, wrap up an injured person or used to cover yourself if needing to walk through a fire ridden area. An additional fire blanket will be located upstairs on the balcony once a BBQ or fire pit has been added to the boat.

First-aid Kit

There is a first aid kit located in the downstairs hallway cupboard. We keep this up to date so please advise of any supplies that have been used so that we can restock.

Smoke Detectors

There are three smoke detectors, two downstairs and one upstairs that have been tested.

Internal Stairs

Special care should be taken at all times when using the internal stairs.

Slippery Surfaces

Please be mindful that houseboats can get slippery especially when engaging in water activities. Please take care not to run and children require parental supervision at all times. Wow Houseboats do not accept any responsibility for harm caused due to unsafe activity.

Outside of Permitted Areas

  • There are certain areas that are out of bounds/outside permitted areas for your own safety, These areas are marked in red on the diagrams in the boat layout drawing. **Note** This vessel is not to be used to tow persons on any device eg, tubes, skis etc. unless in an emergency assistance capacity.
  • The swim deck is also out of bounds/out of permitted areas when the motors are going/the boat is in motion. The upstairs windows are not to be opened. These should remain locked at all times. 
  • Please ensure that there is absolutely NO jumping from the balustrades, or from the dock deck. 
  • No Fuel is to be stored on the back deck.


Wow Factor has been fitted with childproof balustrades and with self-closing hinges to help ensure that younger children can not easily access the water. Childproofing is NOT A GUARANTEE. Young children should wear a lifejacket and have parental supervision at all times if necessary while outside.

Items Not Permitted Onboard

  • Additional petrol than what is supplied in the fuel tanks under the boat, chainsaws, axes, bow saws, gas bottles, firearms are strictly prohibited. 
  • Empty jerry cans may be stored but under no circumstances can be stored on the houseboat when filled with fuel. 
  • Firearms, axes, chainsaws, trail bikes, heaters & candles or naked flames are strictly prohibited.
  • No unauthorised animals except dogs which you will need to advise Wow Houseboats of in advance.

Navigation Lights

Switches located at the bow of the boat on the wall control when the boat is stationary only. **Note** For emergency use only – the hirer is not to drive a boat at night. Failure to abide by this rule may result in Wow Houseboats terminating the holiday.

Two-way Radios

These can be used to communicate between the driver and passengers assisting with moorings. These are not waterproof so please do not take them into boats and be mindful of the water. These need to be placed back in the holder after every use. If lost or damaged a cost will be incurred.


Torches are located at the front of the boat near the captain’s steering wheel and in the bedrooms and outdoor decks. These are to be returned to their locations and if lost or damaged an additional cost may be incurred.


Detailed maps of the local area are located at the bow of the boar near the captain’s chair for assistance with your location. The Murray Pilot has full maps and details of marker points to assist you with your location.

Double-Fishing Kayak

How do I secure the seats to the kayak?
Here is a video outline for the installation process for the seat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-CUiqlyAVM

What is the weight limit on the Eagle Kayak?
The Eagle Kayak has a Max user weight of 210 kg and a max weight capacity of 250 kg.

Can I bring my children with me when kayaking?
The Eagle Kayak can comfortably fit a small child in the centre when a Luxury soft seat is installed. Larger children can fit either up the front seat or in the rear seat but must be supervised by an adult.

Double Hammock Kit

Read instructions before use and keep for future reference. Failure to read these instructions before use can lead to an increased risk of injury. When installing, always check with a qualified builder for safety. Two Trees will only guarantee the performance of this product when used with other Two Trees products. i.e. if non Two Trees hammocks or frames are used, the guarantee is void.

Updated 17 January 2022