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Chart a course for extraordinary riverine adventures with Wow Factor’s meticulously designed sample itineraries. Whether you’re seeking a swift 3-night cruise, an indulgent 4-night odyssey, or the grandeur of a 7-night riverside spectacle, Wow Factor’s itineraries beckon admirers of waterside sophistication. Revel in the charm of handpicked destinations, engage in riverside activities, and savor moments crafted to perfection.

Prepare to set sail on the river of a lifetime as Wow Factor redefines the very essence of waterside elegance. Navigate through the details, and let us be your compass on this riverside sojourn. Your extraordinary riverine adventure awaits – where every bend tells a tale of luxury and wonder.

  • 3-night Round-Trip Excursion: Experience a round-trip voyage from Riverglen to Murray Bridge, Welly Hotel, Tailem Bend, and back to the marina, exploring charming riverside towns along the way.
  • 4-night Round-Trip Adventure: Enjoy a round-trip adventure from Riverglen to Thiele or Long Island, with scenic stopovers at Murray Bridge, Wall Flat, Mannum for lunch, and Woodlane Reserve or Avoca Dell.
  • 7-night Round-Trip Voyage: Embark on a round-trip journey from Riverglen to Walker Flat, stopping at Murray Bridge, Wall Flat, Lake Carlet, Avoca Dell, Maidment Lagoon, and Long Island.
  • 7-night One-Way Booking: Cruise from Riverglen to Swan Reach for 144 kilometers of houseboat cruising, immersing yourself in the scenic beauty of the Murray River.

Prepare for a wow-factor journey where luxury meets adventure, and every moment becomes a cherished memory. Let Wow Factor guide you on this extraordinary riverine adventure.