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Why is spending time on the river

Good For Your Mental Health

Why is spending time on the river good for your mental health

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Mental health concerns can strike at any time and affect anyone. In the aftermath of COVID-19’s uncertainty and loss, it’s more important than ever to look after our mental health.

While the mental health advantages of green areas are well known, the benefits of ‘blue spaces,’ such as the river, are less well understood. However, in recent years, a growing number of studies have found a clear link between blue spaces and positive mental health outcomes. Examples of case studies are as follows:

  • A review of previous studies indicated a robust and consistent link between blue space exposure and mental health.
  • According to one study, people who spent time in blue environments were happier and less likely to suffer from depression than those who did not.
  • According to studies, ‘blue space interventions,’ or activities carried out in blue spaces, can aid rehabilitation and the promotion of healthy habits. These exercises have been shown to increase both mental and physical well-being.
  • PTSD sufferers have been linked to better outcomes when running by the river.
  • Blue spaces are related to favourable mood improvements due to environmental variables such as increased sunlight and less pollution.
  • People who spend time near water are more likely to be physically active, which is linked to better mental health.
  • Water has a calming, psychological influence. Spending time in blue environments has long been associated with happier moods and lower stress levels. While green spaces are beneficial, they do not appear to have the same impact.

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Based on the studies above, it is clear that being near or spending time in blue spaces is beneficial for one’s mental health and well-being. So where else can you find a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the tranquillity of a blue space than on the Murray River?

The river’s temperature at different times of the year never goes below 10 degrees. Just perfect for a calming houseboat holiday and good for one’s mental health and well-being. It’s highly appreciated during Winter Holidays when the average temperature is between 11 to 13. For more information, you can download the historical data here: https://riverdata.mdba.gov.au/murray-bridge

Whether you are on a quick getaway or a much-awaited houseboat holiday, you will definitely cherish wow-factor moments on the Murray River with Wow Factor. Immerse yourself with either of the following activities to help you destress:

  • Wander through the breathtaking limestone cliffs, river gum forests, bird sanctuaries, lagoons and wetlands by houseboating
  • Watch a night of footy at the upstairs lounge of Wow Factor
  • Celebrate great food and wine using our complete grilling essentials provided by Wow Factor and enjoy the wonderful views of the river, either by sunrise or sunset
  • Do yoga by the river using our swim decks on the boat 
  • Kayak through a rich vast of birdlife in the Hermann Grass Bird Sanctuary
  • Camp at beautiful mooring locations and enjoy a comfort fire all year round
  • Experience the breath-taking River Murray International Dark Reserve while riverbank camping
  • Enjoy fishing without having to leave the houseboat or use the Wow Factor Double Kayak Fishing
  • Enjoy a relaxing evening with a glass of champagne while cruising the Big Bend cliffs at night

Winter is the best time to go on a houseboat holiday as cruising the Mighty Murray River, packed with cosy and exciting activities is as good, if not a better experience when compared with the usual summer getaway. Here’s why:

  • During off-season months, the majority of houseboat rentals offer packages that bring the cost of hiring a houseboat down to a special deal.
  • Since the majority of holidayers go on a houseboat during summer, the winter season is probably the best time to go as there’s more room on the water. In effect, winter holidayers to the Murray River often feel that they have the entire river to themselves!
  • Winter is indeed the only time it’s permitted to fish for the famous Murray spiny freshwater crayfish (the second-largest freshwater cray in the world!). Although you need to have a licence and are restricted with the quantity and size of crays you can catch, claiming that award-winning catch will definitely reward you with a sweet fish cooked on a campfire. 
  • There’s no other way to enjoy an overnight camping experience than on the shores of the river. The winter season is an ideal time for an evening cookout while camping comfortably under the stars. 
    • Wow Factor has a long-handled shovel so hot coals can be placed under the double hammock, which keeps people warm and dry.
    • Wow Factor deck chairs have four slots to insert 2 heat packs that last for an hour. There are 24 heat packs on board, so if others are not using the deck chairs, four heat packs can be inserted into a deck chair to warm up the person returning from the water.
  • Winter sunsets in the Murray River offer a spectacular view of the sky and the river. The shades of purple, orange, pink and blue colour the sky and mirror this view on the surface of the water. There are various areas to watch the sunset – but the best view comes from the relaxing outdoor entertaining area of a houseboat.
  • There are no summer afternoon winds, so the river is often very still.
  • Warm-up instantly with our 4 x infrared patio heaters, both available downstairs and upstairs, or indulge yourself in our 8-person gas-heated spa while enjoying your favourite show on a TV installed nearby.
  • For winter waterskiers, learn to dry start from the swim deck on kneeboards, wakeboards, wake surfing or waterskis so you don’t get wet. Ask us in advance about hiring dry suits so you can waterski comfortably and with ease.
  • Wow Factor has portable coffee cups for the driver and observer in the ski boat, and don’t forget your UGG boots and bine/scarf for the early morning ski boat drivers!

Wow Factor has an impressive array of features and amenities suited for any occasion or adventure that everyone can enjoy. There are a lot of reasons why Wow Factor is your best Murray Houseboat choice for having that ‘wow’ houseboat holiday experience.  But we can list the key highlights of what makes WOW FACTOR unique:

  • Wow Factor LED Lights / Signages
  • Fully-equipped rear-facing kitchen
  • Fresh flowers on arrival at the rear-facing dining
  • 360 degree-view of the river from the upstairs lounge
  • 8-person spa with SMART TV + patio heaters
  • 3 sofa beds + 4 master bedrooms, with breakfast in bed table
  • Grilling is easy as 1-2-3 with our latest hassle-free BBQ oven
  • Business / Study Hub on-the-go
  • 200+ movies that can be watched on 8 TVs, 7 built-in DVDs
  • Experience comfort fire all year round with our riverbank camping and outdoor cooking essentials
  • Cycling essentials – bicycle, bike trainer, and rowing machine
  • Dog-friendly houseboat
  • Outside loo with a view

What are you waiting for? Experience “WOW” with Wow Houseboats today. Plan your Wow Holiday with us.

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