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Wow Houseboats


Maximise Your Experience on Wow Factor
What To Bring
  • Food and Drinks / Fresh Produce. We have partnered with Farm Fresh Market to cater to all your needs so you can focus on a hassle-free houseboat holiday. Please contact our team to arrange this in advance before your arrival.
  • Alcoholic Drinks. We have partnered with Willow Point Wines to help us continue in achieving our goal of bringing the wow-factor experience to all our guests on the houseboat. Please contact our team if you wish to have the alcohol purchased in advance.
  • Clothes, bathers, hats, warm jackets in cooler months
  • Beach/swimming towels (these can be rented at an extra cost)
  • Personal toiletries, sunscreen, insect/mosquito repellent, personal medications
  • Popcorn for watching movies; flour for making pizzas etc.
  • Corn for fishing or feeding swans
  • Tennis rackets and balls as there is a great tennis court right in front of Wow Factor’s mooring location
  • Skateboards and BMX bikes for the skate ramps at Sturt Reserve
  • Children’s bikes; road bicycle to join the Murray Bridge/Mannum cycle clubs for a 40/60 km bike ride every Saturday morning
  • Running shoes to join the Saturday morning 5 km fun run starting at Sturt Reserve
  • Basketball, cricket, and football for many of the public reserves
  • In winter bookings, some marina and riverbank areas may get muddy after heavy rain. For your comfort, we suggest wearing boots or gum boots.
  • Other items as required.
What We Supply

To ensure our guests have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday, we leave our houseboat as fully set up as possible between bookings. This is particularly important for interstate or international guests who may not want to go through the hassle of stocking a kitchen for a one-week holiday.

We have taken inspiration from our own travels and have found that using travel bags is a great way to keep your belongings organised. We recommend canvas travel bags with clear tops from Kings 4WD supacentre, which can be easily stored in the bedroom cupboards on the boat or in your suitcase. Additionally, duffle bags can be conveniently stored under the beds.

We also provide a rear pontoon locker to fit as many of the largest suitcases as possible, giving our guests ample living space to relax and enjoy their holiday.

Along with these amenities, we also provide other essentials to make our guests’ stay comfortable and convenient. Other amenities and essentials we provide for you:

Inside Kitchen
  • Two large fridge freezers
  • Nespresso Coffee machine with milk container that can be stored in the fridge
    • Don’t forget your Nespresso pods or pre-order from Kate
  • Portable coffee cups for that early morning waterski 
  • Ninja for the healthy start of the day
  • Knife block and knife sharpener plus 12 steak knives 
  • Ice tea container and several different iced teas from T2
  • We have twelve freezer ice bricks for the purpose-designed three bottle wine coolers that attach to the two bars or handrail
  • Cookbooks
  • Cocktail glasses and cocktail recipes
  • Bloody mary ingredients 
  • Stubby holders
  • Soda Stream
  • Wine decanter and two wine racks
  • Slow cooker so limited time is required in the kitchen
  • Plenty of trays for serving snacks
  • BBQ meat thermometer for those who like to cook their medium-rare steak to 52 degrees with an accuracy
Outside Kitchen
  • Full height fridge freezer for drinks
  • Twelve reusable freezer blocks so six each fit into the three wine bottle ice bucket that attaches to the two outdoor bar tables or the balcony rail
  • Two very large ice coolers or eski (we use one of the iceboxes for storing water skiing life jackets and wetsuits)
  • Two camp oven cooking ovens, double waffle maker, outdoor fire pit (only to be used on the shore and not on the boat), outdoor BBQ cooking hot plates and grill, campfire tripod to hang camp ovens and kettle.  (A cleaning fee will apply if returned not clean and wiped over with olive oil to avoid rusting)
  • 1970’s powder-coated drinking glasses that stay in the freezer so your drinks stay colder for longer (kids and adults surely love these)
  • 8 TV’s that all play DVD’s – 200+ DVD’s that play in every bedroom, TV in the dining area and lounge upstairs.  In some locations along the river, the internet might get technical difficulties in terms of speed, so enjoying a DVD is a good alternative
  • River Red Gum firewood in fire season
  • Twelve of the best camp chairs with lumbar support you would have ever used with covers that don’t blow away
  • Daybed outdoor beanbag for on top of the outboard motor covers (only to be used in this location when the boat is tied to the Riverbank)
  • Two yoga mats
  • Bongo drums and guitar
  • Outdoor Bluetooth speaker with 50 hours of battery life for on the bank around the campfire or camp chairs
  • Two five-litre cooler bottles that hold a six-pack or drink hot or cold for hours
Bathroom / Spa / Sun

Eco-friendly advocacy. Todd and Kate have done their share of travelling so they want to set your holiday up as if this was your own houseboat. This is the advantage of hiring from WOW Houseboats as we don’t run a fleet of houseboats yet.

  • Eco-friendly shampoo, conditioner and body wash as the water goes into the Murray River
  • Eco-friendly hand wash for all five toilets as the water goes into the Murray River
  • Beach/spa towels ($5 each, maximum of 12)
  • Liquors/Alcoholic Drinks
  • Double Kayak Fishing
  • Double hammocks
  • Stand Up Paddle Board inflatable or traditional (with electric pump as optional)
  • Kid / children-size life jackets
  • Eight plastic unleaded fuel containers for longer trips or to fill a ski boat / jet ski (please refer to FAQs about fuel storage on a houseboat)
  • Waterski Gears (4 x kneeboards, 3 x wakeboards for adults/young teens/teens
  • Waydoo Flyer, e-Foil, Foldable e-Bike
  • Fishing rods and a can of corn to catch a carp; Yabbie net; Shrimp net as the carp makes great shrimp bait that can be used to catch fish to eat
  • Cycling Essentials – Norco Bicycle, Kickr Snap Smart Bike Trainer, Concept2 RowErg Rowing Machine
  • Dog Ramps / Skamper Ramp for Dogs
  • 8 x Jerry Cans
What Not to Bring
  • No naked flame, candles or mosquito candles
  • Full unleaded fuel containers (please refer to our FAQs section for more information) 
  • Firearms, chainsaws or motorbikes
  • Bird seed to avoid water rats
  • Any dead River Murray Carp onto the boat or in dustbins (this is ILLEGAL to let back into the river system alive)
  • Any electrical items subject to approval prior to onboarding