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The SA Riverland has more sunny days than the Sunshine Coast. Guests will remember the majestic river sunsets and sunrises, plus the internationally recognised Dark Sky Reserve that provides the best stargazing spot in Australia.

Enjoy the convenience of Riverglen Marina being the closest SA hire/drive marina to Adelaide or Melbourne. There have been significant changes in the SA fruit fly legislation, so there will be fines if you bring any fruit onto houseboats from Mannum to Renmark. It is now illegal to purchase any fruit in Mannum and drive to Kia Marina with a receipt of purchase.

If you are boarding a houseboat in Mannum and are planning to head upstream, you will not be allowed to travel with fruit into the red zone that starts at Kia Marina, a few kilometres upstream from Mannum. If you are boarding at Riverglen and heading upstream past Kia Marina, you will need to have consumed your fruit before the start of the red zone.

We want to protect the Riverland and we want you to as well.

Formerly based in Renmark, where she was booked out 75% of the time (prior to our renovation), she has moved to a new home at the heart of RiverGlen Marina. Coined as the boat lovers’ paradise, the RiverGlen Marina is a full-service marina that offers a variety of riverfront and basin accommodations.

Wow Factor is the only hire/drive houseboat moored at Riverglen, which is the closest South Australian hire/drive houseboat marina to Melbourne or Adelaide. Driving 3 hours to Renmark from Adelaide or 8 hours from Melbourne dilutes the Wow Factor holiday memories.

With COVID and now significant restrictions regarding the new fruit fly legislation and fines, travelling between Mannum and Renmark on a car or on a houseboat with fruit on board, plus the travel time, reduces the Wow Factor experiences, but the choice is yours!

Car Parking Fee

There is a $10 one-off fee for all cars/trailers per booking in the lock-up facility. Long term parking is not permitted on the reserve for-hire vessels.

Parking Instructions

When parking your car near the toilet block, we strictly advise following the below instructions to avoid being fined by the Wow Houseboats Management:

Guests MUST NOT PARK their cars between the toilet block and the river, or at the river’s edge, to minimise soil erosion. The Wow Houseboats team will advise guests to park their cars appropriately or they will not be permitted to unload food and belongings aboard the boat until this is done.

This is a means for us to keep the marina in good shape, thus we strongly advise parking your cars away from the edge of the river and utilising the space for a temporary car park near the toilet block.

Note: Guests will have a car park key at all times during their hire. Cars should not be parked in the reserve overnight if guests are staying at the show out area on the first or last night of their booking.

Returning the boat back to the show out area

We advise our guests to go back to the car park on foot and drive their cars to the temporary car park by 10 a.m. to unload their personal belongings.