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Wow Factor purchases a Double Fishing Kayak to add to your houseboat holiday


Exciting news, houseboat enthusiasts! Wow Factor recently purchased an Eagle Double Fishing Kayak Package to add more fun to your water activities during your houseboat holiday.

There’s no better way than exploring the Mighty Murray River through recreational kayaking. But since we’re Wow Factor, it’s not only kayaking that we offer to our river enthusiasts but also fishing! Yes, fishing and kayaking in one!


Ideal for both recreational and fishing purposes. Kayak is best suited for lakes, rivers, dams, estuaries and harbours. With this kayak, you can go where bigger boats can’t, such as kelp beds, reefs, mangrove shallows, and coast cliff lines.

  • Larger width (86cm) provides extra stability in rough conditions. 
  • One meter long paddle leash so you’re not up the creek without a paddle.
  • Built-in bottle holders.
  • Large footrest area designed for greater control and comfort.
  • Large storage at the back of the kayak along with Bungee cord for securing larger items.
  • Six scupper holes with drain plug around the body of the Kayak for easy drainage if needed.
  • Includes lightweight two-piece paddle (easy to store). It floats if dropped in water and can also be adjusted in three offset angles.
  • Four built-in and two 360º Swivel rod holders, plenty for even the most passionate fisherman.
  • Load capacity of 250 kgs; a result of better design and use of a premium material. 
  • Carry handles on each side with paddle holding straps. Carry handles on the front and back for easy carriage while using a trolley.
  • Made from Premium Virgin (not Recycled) Roto Moulded UV Resistant High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) from the UK, quality product that is built to last. HDPE is far superior in strength and durability than LLDPE.
  • Made from UV8 Stabilized plastic, perfect for Australian conditions. UV8 means protection for a total of 8000 hours. Given 6-8 hours of UV exposure a day, the Kayak colour and strength will last for 1000 days approximately. That’s equivalent to 3 years of use every single day. Please note the UV index varies based on the location.
  • Aquadynamic shape with a V-shaped hull underneath, both in front and back, to ensure kayak tracks straight and move faster with less effort. 
  • Luxury Seats that are reinforced to provide superior back support also come with a bonus storage bag attached at the back.
  • Built-in third child seat position in the middle of the kayak. Kayak accommodates two adults + a child. The middle seat can also be used when Kayak is used by a single person*. (Please note the padded seat for the child is not included. It can be purchased at an extra cost).
  • Two water-resistant storage hatches with a removable protective bag to keep valuables safe.
  • Specially designed groove with brass bolt inserts, at the rear storage area, to easily install the motor bar and trolling motor.

How do I secure the seats to the kayak?

Here is a video outline for the installation process for the seat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-CUiqlyAVM

How do I install a fishfinder on the Eagle kayak?

A Track Rail system first needs to be installed onto the kayak. They can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/side-tracks

Please note that any drilling or screwing directly into the kayak’s hull will void the warranty. The warranty information can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/warranty

What is the weight limit on the Eagle Kayak?

The Eagle Kayak has a Max user weight of 210 kg and a max weight capacity of 250 kg.

What is the difference between max weight capacity and max user weight?

Max user weight refers to the person’s weight when using the kayak. Max Weight Capacity refers to the total weight of the user and gear such as coolers, tackle, tackle boxes, bait and tools distributed along with the whole kayak.

Does the Eagle Kayak stack on roof racks?

Yes, the Eagle Kayak can stack on roof racks. We recommend travelling with them upside down and no more than two Eagle kayaks on a roof rack. Please always check the capacity of your roof racks before loading your kayaks. We recommend the J-rack when travelling with a kayak. They can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/j-racks

Can you stand up in the Eagle Kayak?

The Eagle Kayak does not have a dedicated stand-up area for your feet.

How wide are the scupper holes on the Eagle Kayak and what are they for?

They are between 35-40mm wide. The scupper holes add rigidity to the structure of the kayak and also allow drainage for water from the deck.

Do I have to keep the scupper plugs in while kayaking?

Yes, it is always recommended to use scupper plugs, the only time you would remove them is to drain water from the deck.

What motor is recommended for the Eagle Kayak?

We recommend a 50 lb thrust motor. The motors can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/electric-trolling-motors

Can the Eagle Kayak fit a rudder?

No, the Eagle kayak cannot fit a rudder.

Can I fit a cooler box in the rear storage of the Eagle Kayak?

Yes, you can fit the 12L Cooler box onto the rear storage of the Eagle Kayak. They can be found here: https://www.kayaks2fish.com/cooler-boxes

Can I bring my children with me when kayaking?

The Eagle Kayak can comfortably fit a small child in the centre when a Luxury soft seat is installed. Larger children can fit either up the front seat or in the rear seat but must be supervised by an adult.

Is the swivel rod holder removable?

Yes, it easily comes out when the locking groove on the rod holder is lined up with the notch in the base. The base of the rod holder can be removed by removing the four screws.

Originally published by Kayaks2Fish.com


There are a lot of reasons why Wow Factor is your best Murray Houseboat choice for having that ‘wow’ houseboat holiday experience. But we can list the key highlights of what’s in store for you:

  • This double-storey 12 berth houseboat is one of the few Murray houseboats with a rear-facing kitchen and dining plus driving upstairs or downstairs. With five separate living and entertainment spaces, plus five washrooms, there is room for everyone to experience a WOW Factor houseboat holiday.
  • The Rear Kitchen – this is what makes WOW Factor unique. We challenge you to find another 2-story rear-facing houseboat with rear kitchen and dining decor self-drive. A truly guaranteed wow-factor experience!
  • Yes, Wow Factor is dog-friendly with conditions as we care about your dog almost as much as you do! Rosso, our Cavalier King Charles even has his own life jacket for extended times in the river or when he comes on an inflatable SUP for an early morning paddle.
  • Wow Factor is child-friendly! Vacationing with children can be a daunting task – packing lists, grumpy children and the horrors of “I’m bored”. Let Wow Houseboats help you plan and achieve that wow factor holiday of your dreams with ease.
  • We’re the only houseboat offering the ultimate one-way wow-factor 7-day journey. For more information, please refer to the Brochures link below or email us back stating your interest with regards to this booking.
  • Experience celebrating any wow-factor moment with Wow Houseboats and score some exclusive deals perfect for your celebration. Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, Christmas/New Year’s Eve; name it, we have it – Wow Factor complements any celebration with colourful LED lights that can be easily programmed with a touch of remote control or app – no other houseboat has lights like this!

What are you waiting for? Experience “WOW” with Wow Houseboats today. Plan your Wow Holiday with us.

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